Welcome to the GEODE: A Genomics Observatories Diversity Explorer Curate-A-Thon! The purpose of the GEODE Curate-A-Thon is to enhance the metadata associated with sequence data to improve discoverability, interoperability, and reusability. Your work during the Curate-A-Thon will help us achieve this goal!

Let’s get started!

  1. Read the Getting Started Guide The getting started guide will orient you to the project, data curation, and the work you will do to discover and connect sequence data records to associated metadata.
  2. Review the Curate-A-Thon Protocol The protocol will demonstrate how to review and curate a BioProject and will include helpful tutorial videos.
  3. Curate assigned BioProject records Once you have read the getting started guide, reviewed the Curate-A-Thon protocol, and been assigned some BioProjects to curate, you will be able to navigate to the pre-filled Google Form for that specific BioProject to document your curation efforts. For each assigned BioProject, you will determine relevance, discover and link associated published papers, and locate missing spatio-temporal metadata. You are welcome to curate as many or as few BioProjects as you would like, we just ask that you complete the one you start before moving to another.
  4. Submit the BioProject Google Form After completing your curation efforts for a BioProject and filling in the Google Form, do not forget to submit the BioProject Google Form to document your discoveries.

Have a question or comment about the Curate-A-Thon process or data curation in general? You have options:

  • Connect with your Curate-A-Thon host live during the Zoom session.
  • Send us a message: Andrea Pritt ( or Briana Wham (

Ready to start?

Let’s Go!